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CCookies are small text files sent by a website, visited by an Internet user, to this user’s device. Default parameters of cookies enable the information provided to be read only by the server that created them.

Cookies are most often used for counters, polls, online stores, websites with login, advertisements as well as for visitor activity monitoring.

Cookies are not used for user identification and no-one’s identity is established whatsoever.

The entity, which places cookie files in the end device of the website’s user, is the operator of the www.dabi.eu website, i.e. DABI SM BUDNY SP. Z O.O. SP. K. based in Ligota.

Cookie files:
  • provide details of a computer and a browser used for browsing the Web - e.g. provide information on whether a given computer visited any website;
  • provide data, which is not linked in any way to any personal data of any user, collected e.g. from registering in any website;
  • does no harm to us or to our computers or smart phones - these files do not interfere with the way such devices work;
  • do not cause any configuration changes in end devices or in any software installed on such devices;
  • default parameters of cookies enable the information provided to be read only by the server, which created them.

Cookie files are used for:
  • creating statistics which enables website structural improvement;
  • adjusting website content to user preferences and optimising website usage;
  • preserving website user session (upon logging in).
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