Specialised construction activities
The DABI Company uses IC/RIC technology, which is a very efficient and high performing method for reinforcement of loosened and non-consolidated soils.
This technology enables significant improvement of densification level and of strength parameters of soil being reinforced. The result is uniform soil ground.

DABI performs Impulse Compaction on the surface, with a predefined grid of points, using specialised equipment - a caterpillar-based excavator equipped with a hydraulic hammer with weight of 5-12 tonnes, which is pushed down on a special steel footing with 1.5 m diameter with high frequency, applying a predefined amount of energy into the soil. Due to high amount of energy transferred to the ground in the form of impulses, loose layers are compacted, and any hollows and cavities are filled.

The DABI Impulse Compactor is equipped with a GPS system and an electronic control unit, enabling continuous monitoring of its operation and parameters of soil being compacted.
This control unit sets up compaction points and monitors parameters being collected, including: point number, point coordinates, date and time of completion, number of impulses, footing momentum or amount of energy being generated. Such data is available for analysis at any stage of works.

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Specialised construction activities
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