Specialised construction activities
Technologies, based on cut and soil mixing, originate from Japan, USA, and Western Europe, where such solutions, related to soil reinforcement and sealing, have emerged for the first time.
Currently, technological solutions in the field of trenching are highly advanced. Trenchers are used for a wide range of services related to deep foundation forming. Trenchers are typically based on caterpillar body. A trencher operates like a chainsaw, a machine is equipped with a trenching chain, which digs up soil and mixes it with previously prepared bentonite/cement grout, forming a uniform partition, with anti-filtration or stabilisation purpose.

There are two methods of deep soil mixing, which assume trencher application:
  • continuous wet deep soil mixing - prepared bentonite/cement binding grout is being mixed with native soil;
  • continuous dry deep soil mixing - dry sealing mixtures are being mixed with native soil.
In Europe, trenchers are used for continuous wet deep soil mixing, named Continuous Deep Mixing Method (CDMM). This technology has been widely applied for sealing large hydraulic engineering structures, i.e. dams, flood embankments, reservoirs, and also for sealing landfills. Using CDMM Trenchers, it is possible to form a partition within a thickness range of 30-60 cm, even to the depth of 14 m. Due to continuous operation, achieved soil structure parameters are much better, in comparison to sectional methods.

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Specialised construction activities
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