Anti-filtration diaphragm
Specialised construction activities

AA significant proportion of our business is execution of anti-filtration partitions/diaphragms and waterproof walls with a broad range of application.

We construct anti-filtration partitions using the following methods:

For construction of waterproof diaphragms / partitions, we use bentonite and cement mixtures of respected companies (approved by the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty) as well as bentonite with composition featuring minimum permeability.
Bentonite is loam containing mainly montmorillonite or similar minerals. There is a difference between calcium bentonite, natural sodium bentonite, and activated bentonite, which is sodium bentonite produced by ion exchange with natural calcium bentonite.
Proportions of ready bentonite/cement mixtures are calculated according to local geological conditions in order to protect and cut-off groundwater filtration with high precision.
A bentonite/cement suspension of liquid consistency is placed in a core of a hollow diaphragm, where it hardens, improving and sealing soil structure.

DABI executes waterproof diaphragms/partitions:
  • to cut off or limit water filtration around and under hydraulic engineering structures, i.e. flood embankments, dams, reservoirs [within the embankment’s body or base];
  • while protecting dry wide excavations, enabling performance of foundation works in a deep excavation by traditional methods;
  • while protecting landfills from ground penetration by hazardous toxic substances as well as complete isolation of contaminated soil;
  • depending on the Client’s requirements, in objects where it is required and there is a need to isolate groundwater flow.

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Specialised construction activities
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