Diaphragm walls (slurry walls/US)
Specialised construction activities

DDABI provides a service of diaphragm wall (slurry wall/US) completion. Such walls, however, are often substituted with traditional anti-filtration retaining walls, enabling dry and deep foundation performance, due to their cost-effectiveness.

Diaphragm walls are concrete or ferro-concrete structures, formed in an earth cut. Usually, stability of the walls of an earth cut is provided by a hardening suspension or a bentonite suspension.
Diaphragm walls are commonly used for buildings with deep subterranean stories where application of traditional retaining walls is not possible, and also in transport earthworks, particularly in tunnels within cities (underground railways, underground roads). In such objects, these walls are designed to be retaining structures. Such walls are unearthed on one sided, leaving a few metres of a wall stuck firmly in soil. While unearthing a high wall, additional support brackets or anchors are required at least on one level.

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