Foundation piles
Specialised construction activities

IIn order to carry loads within soil, to erect structures on intermediate foundations and also erect retaining walls, we produce foundation piles. Such piles are made by drilling works or vibration works and also collecting excavated materials with grab dredgers, in case of well foundation piles.

We perform the following piles:
  • CFA piles
  • prefabricated driven piles
  • full displacement piles
  • micro-piles
  • piles drilled with application of bucket auger and spiral auger, combined with simultaneous tubing of an opening;
  • piles without tubing cover - in soils non-hydrated and showing stability during drilling;
  • well piles - with driving ferroconcrete circles, at diameters above 1000 mm.

Reinforced piles are performed according to the Client’s requirements, with reinforcement cages or steel profiles, and subsequently concreted, depending on used technology. Concrete is fed under pressure or with Tremie placement method.
Diameters of constructed piles: 400 mm – 1000 mm

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Specialised construction activities
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