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DDABI services are also available to local government bodies, public institutions and companies, in relation to demand for protection of natural environment, in particular, in the scope of limitation of flow of contaminated groundwater from general landfills, hazardous waste storage areas, industrial areas and post-industrial areas to natural environment.

We have used our technologies of performing waterproof partitions with great success, in order to divide groundwater into horizontal and vertical planes, as well as other popular protection solutions for:
  • isolate landfills;
  • protect land around landfills;
  • prevent filtration or regulation of flow of contaminated water and toxic substances from industrial/post-industrial areas.
Waterproof partitions, performed with the following methods, are the most efficient solutions in this scope:

Such soil barriers may also be reinforced with a number of various diaphragms. Natural environment is subject to constant changes and reformations, effected by both natural and anthropogenic factors. In recent years, the natural environment has often been sacrificed in the name of economic development. Today, we are gradually abandoning such methods. The natural environment is a field under constant development and constitutes a significant part of our day-to-day life. Everyone should regard it a responsibility to protect natural environment and to use any means necessary to protect natural life from degradation.

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