DSM Columns
Specialised construction activities
DSM (Deep Soil Mixing) Columns are used for reinforcing and/or sealing frail soil ground, which upon mixing with cement or bentonite/cement mixtures, becomes a mixture of soil and cement. Deep Soil Mixing consists of placing a special mixer / a group of mixers mounted on a drill rod into the ground.
Drilling is performed without any shocks, and is aided by outflow of cement and/or loam/cement grout from nozzles placed in appropriate points on the mixer. Upon reaching designed drilling depth, DSM columns are formed, and their diameters are most frequently within a range of 50 to 80 cm. Properly rotated and raised mixers provide uniform mixing of grout and soil. Composition and amount of grout being pumped in is adjusted to projected properties of the mixture of soil and cement, based on designed function of DSM diaphragm/column.
In case an anti-filtration diaphragm is being constructed, DABI makes use of 2- or 3-head drilling system for DSM columns, therefore limiting a number of joints between individual sections to the minimum (thus limiting a risk of filtration windows appearing to minimum).

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Specialised construction activities
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