Full Displacement Piles
Specialised construction activities
Full Displacement Piles are completed, using a special auger.
While being drilled to a designed depth, an auger pushes away soil around the axis of the pile being performed (without excavating any soil), which results in soil around the pile being reinforced. After designed depth is reached, the next stage to be performed is concreting, with simultaneous raising the auger and another stage of soil reinforcement around the side surface of the pile. Upon completion of concreting, a reinforcement structure, as defined in the design, is installed by the gravitational method.
It is also possible to form concrete columns by using this technology (without reinforcement).
This very fast and cost-effective technology may be applied for improvement of load-bearing capacity of organic soils, soft cohesive clays, loose sands or uncontrolled embankments.
DABI provides Full Displacement Piles with diameters ranging from 300 mm to 630 mm.


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