Step-by-step method
Specialised construction activities
This is a solutions used for digging diaphragm walls, barrettes, and deep protection of wide excavations as well as for deep anti-filtration protection (hydraulic engineering objects, landfills etc.).
Trenching of diaphragm walls, barrettes or anti-filtration partitions is performed by sections, with a pole method with panel width 400 to 1200 mm, length 3000 mm, and to designed depth. Upon completion of primary sections, secondary sections are being performed, anchoring in existing edges of primary sections.
During trenching of diaphragm walls or barrettes, soil is excavated while covered in loam suspension which is subsequently pushed out in a process of concreting the trench with Tremie placement method.
During performing of anti-filtration partitions, soil being excavated is replaced with self-hardening mixture of loam and cement. Suspension acts as a stabilising liquid and, providing sustainment of stable walls of the trench, subsequently forms an anti-filtration partition upon hardening.
DABI uses step-by-step method, performed with a hydro-mill trench cutter with a grab, to form anti-filtration partitions of up to 30 m depth, and diaphragm walls or barrettes to significantly greater depth.

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Specialised construction activities
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