DABI Company
Specialised construction activities

DDABI is a 100% Polish owned company, which was established in 1990. At the beginning, the company dealt with general construction services related to erection of buildings as well as land drainage and land development.

A breakthrough in our business was related to the development of anti-filtration partitions / diaphragms technology and marketing in Poland, where our company managed to become a leader.

DABI offers a number of services related to deep foundations, i.e. diaphragm walls (slurry walls/US), piling, soil reinforcement [columns, injections, compaction/densification], and construction of waterproof partitions/diaphragms with a broad range of applications - e.g. protection of wide excavations, retention sealing of flood embankments or water bodies.

DABI intends to achieve significant market power in the field of specialised construction and broadly defined geotechnics.
Bringing to life a vision of our company, we formulate the following targets:
  • diligent performance of contracts;
  • thorough analysis of soil and natural environment in order to achieve the best possible results in ground works, with simultaneous focus on environment protection in affected area;
  • customised approach to each client;
  • formulation of mutually beneficial conditions of cooperation as well as building long-term client relationship;
  • continuous investment in our personnel and specialised equipment;
  • constant improvement of existing technological solutions and implementation of new solutions.
We wish to invite you to cooperate with us and conclude mutually beneficial commercial contracts.

Specialised construction activities
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