CDMM - Trencher
Specialised construction activities
The DABI Company performs anti-filtration partitions, using CDMM (Continuous Deep Mixing Method) Trencher.

This technology is commonly known and used worldwide. Specialised Trencher - a cutting/mixing machine is built of a caterpillar body and a boom, supporting the digging chain (or belt), operated like a chainsaw. This machine may perform an anti-filtration partition continuously [uninterrupted anti-filtration partition], with a depth up to 14 m, and the width ranging from 35 cm to 60 cm. Dug up soil is mixed with a bentonite/cement sealing injection grout.
Due to mixing soil in situ with bentonite/cement mixture in wet conditions, CDMM – Trencher method became an equivalent to Deep Soil Mixing with application of piling machine (DSM Column). However, the performance and parameters of completed anti-filtration partitions speak unambiguously in favour of the CDMM technology. Due to this method, one can provide almost perfect mixing of a suspension with native soil inside an anti-filtration partition as well as partition continuity (without so-called filtration windows, present in sectional methods). Equipment used with this method is highly effective and gives top performance results. Rate of completion and quality of performed anti-filtration partitions exceeds those constructed by other methods several times over.

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Specialised construction activities
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