Soil anchors and soil nails
Specialised construction activities


DABI provides a service of soil anchor installation. A soil anchor is a load-bearing structure carrying tensile forces to a load-bearing soil layer.
A soil anchor consists of a head, a free section of tendon, and an anchor bond, bonded with soil by injection.
Anchors may be installed temporarily or permanently. There are two types of soil anchors: rope anchors and bar anchors.
Soil anchors are most frequently used for additional protection of resistance structures, for anchoring protecting caps of wide excavations, protecting embankments, escarpments, landslides etc.
DABI uses ready-made systems of all anchor manufacturers available in the market.


DABI provides a service of soil nailing. Soil nail installation is made with application of the same materials as for micro-pile driving.
Soil nails bear tensile forces and shear forces.
Soil nailing process includes:
  • drilling and injecting of ready-made system rods;
  • laying down an outer protecting layer (spray concreting, specialised protecting grids, prefabricates, geo-synthetic materials).
Soil nails are applied for protecting landslides, escarpments and slopes as well as for tunnelling.

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