Specialised construction activities
Excavation protection without diaphragm walls? Answer is simple!
Currently, investing companies abandon the technology of diaphragm walls and embrace a more efficient and cheaper solution, which is protecting an excavation and performing ferro-concrete structures with traditional methods. Such solutions are chosen by investors allocating their capital in construction of office buildings, exclusive residential buildings, shopping centres or any similar buildings.

Choosing this solution is a result of a combination of factors.

The following factors support the choice of protecting excavations in the foundation forming stage:
  • cost-effectiveness;
  • no need to repair uneven diaphragm walls;
  • short lead time;
  • top quality foundation layout in traditional technologies.
Any used options for protecting wide excavations do not impose any particular limits. Using technologies applied by DABI, one can protect an excavation with a retaining wall, even within the boundaries of the investor’s plot of land. These are very attractive solutions, which have been used for many years in similar projects, and with great success.
Specialised construction activities
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